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 Local Trucking

A primary function of inbound and outbound logistics programs, Lightning Logistics provides a variety of solutions for local markets and can provide lift gate service, ramps, crane services, inside pick or delivery to name a few.  Pricing is based upon complete service requirements. Pricing can be developed on a flat rate or hourly basis to accommodate most any budget.


 Regional Trucking

With close proximity to the Pacific Rim, regional trucking becomes an essential and integral component of logistics function. Whether to consolidate product components produced on a global field for delivery to end user or to final point of assembly, Lightning Logistics will make it happen, be it truckload shipments or less-than-truckload, we share your concern for the bottom-line of your project.


 Continental Trucking

Whether you are shipping a car from Albuquerque to your daughter attending school at Penn State, or three truck loads of store interiors and furnishings from the fabricators in San Francisco and Seattle to your new east coast store in Myrtle Beach, Lightning Logistics will eliminate the need for nail-biting that you encounter with other carriers. Your goods will arrive on-time and undamaged the first time, and every time.


 Ocean Freight

Do you need to ship two containers every week to Qatar, one container for a special project or sale to Melbourne, or one CNC driven mill to your plant in suburban London? Lightning Logistics will get it done, on time and within budget. Our extensive network of partners and agents are up to the task of serving your global transportation needs.  Do you have a need for distribution of 15+ containers of product each week, inbound from Hong Kong, across 37 North American markets? Lightning Logistics can, and will, service your break bulk and international distribution needs.


 Air Cargo

It’s Wednesday afternoon, the COO of your organization comes to you and states that “we must attend the software conference in Boston on Friday to reach our target numbers for Q3”; as the marketing manager, the success of the show in Boston will bring you accolades or unemployment.  Your first move is to contact your fabricator in Santa Ana, CA to pull your exhibit from storage for shipment and your second call is to the girl from the show management company that has been hounding you for months regarding attendance for this event, to procure exhibit space. As a savvy buyer of trade show services, you then make a call to Lightning Logistics. One call for transportation services, that’s all that it should take…one call.

Lightning Logistics personnel set into action, contact your fabricator for an estimated completion and pick up time, your exhibit is recovered and in transit to LAX, it is loaded on an aircraft and arrives at Boston Logan at 8am on Thursday. Your exhibit arrives at the Hynnes Center at noon Thursday and is set, detailed and ready for the show at 11am Friday. The reality of this is at Lightning Logistics we speak trade show, give your critical shipment to another carrier and you are doing nothing less than shooting craps. The FedEx salesman that hounds you from month to month, not an “Insider” of the face-to-face marketing sector of industry. To succeed in marketing, your transportation company must speak the language and understand the truly critical nature of your event.



Lightning Logistics provides a wide variety of ancillary services related to warehousing. Our offerings include services such as: asset management, cross dock services, consolidation as an integral feature of reverse logistics programs and projects, break-bulk services, custom and production crating services, long term storage and for the trade show client, we provide client access to storage for pick & pull as well as designated areas (with prior arrangement) to pull collateral from storage and assembly of event specific information packages.  As a storage client of Lightning Logistics, we will engineer a program or service to suit your specific requirements. We have access to virtually unlimited storage space to hold your inventory between trade show events or for any other short-term or long-term storage needs.


 Logistics / Services

Whether you have a product roll-out spanning North American or a global re-deployment of your most cutting edge product, Lightning Logistics can custom engineer a cost effective solution to address your service requirements and execute within the parameters that your sales force has promised your client base. Let Lightning Logistics be your supply chain solution.


 Padded Van Services

With Lightning Logistics, padded van service is but one of many options available to you. In this day and age of “green methodologies”, padded van service may be the answer to delivering your product with zero or minimal environmental impact, while maintaining product integrity through damage free delivery to the end user. Padded van service eliminates the need for extensive packaging. White Glove Service is another benefit of padded van service, with inside pick up and inside delivery you don’t need a shipping & receiving department, you need only have your product ready to ship. This service is especially well suited to recovery of collateral for trade show events and delivery or recovery of product in computer room environments.

Lightning Logistics offers climatic services to maintain product integrity for main frame computers, art work, museum exhibits, medical instruments and any product that requires a balance of temperature and humidity in a controlled environment. This by no means is refrigerated service, but rather a highly refined service with monitored data. Refrigerated service will not maintain 70F at 40%relative humidity; Lightning Logistics climatic service will do just that and provide a printed record to prove that product integrity was held constant throughout transit.

On request, Lightning Logistics can provide lift gate equipment for those pick ups and deliveries where a loading dock isn’t available. This service is the perfect compliment to trade show and art gallery/museum shipments when a mail room is possibly the closest your firm gets to a shipping and receiving area.


 Auction Asset Services

Lightning Logistics provides asset recovery and relocation services to auction site buyers. From autoclaves to semiconductor tooling we can recover the assets that you purchase and ship these purchases anywhere on the globe.


 Project Management Service

As part of logistics and reverse logistics programs we offer project management services. We will lay all the groundwork for your deployment or re-deployment in most any market. From site inspection to training and monitoring of field crews, we will insure that your project stays on track through completion.



Lightning Logistics can handle all your tour needs. Whether you have a one truck corporate marketing tour stopping in 35 cities over 6 months or a 15 truck theatrical or concert tour spanning 20 weeks, Lightning Logistics has done it before…successfully!


 Freight Brokerage Services

Are you in the transportation business? Do you have freight that you just can’t cover week after week? Are you tired of sleepless nights worried about how you will possibly cover the freight your clients have given you to move? Lightning Logistics can cover your excess freight through our network of partners and vendors. We can help with pricing the services that your clients demand to more effectively build a quality base of service providers.


 Custom Tailored Rates Packages

Based on the myriad of services available, both primary and ancillary, Lightning Logistics can custom tailor a rate package for your regular traffic, storage, current, or up-coming project. We will work with you to build your rates based on all aspects of your project so that you can develop the most accurate response to your customer’s RFQ.


 And much more… including Specialized Services for:

  • Tradeshow Transportation and Setup
  • Warehousing
  • Blanket Wrap
  • Marketing Vehicles
  • Events
  • Electronics Transport, Storage and Setup
  • Gaming Equipment
  • A/V and Lightning

 Our Equipment is highly specialized and includes:

  • Air Ride Trailers
  • High Cube Trailers
  • Blanket Wrap
  • Split Walkboards
  • Liftgates
  • Decking
  • Straps
And, of course our staff of expert loaders and drivers!  We can operate your Specialized Vehicles.



Lightning Logistics accepts all major credit cards and wire transfers for those last minute projects, and offers credit terms to those who prefer to establish credit accounts for long term projects or volume traffic.


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